Mykas Financial

Brand Development

Mykas Financial specialises in financial coaching, debt management,  budgeting, insurance and estate planning for professional women.


Mykas represents modern professional woman. Both in complexity and diversity. During brainstorming a wealth of notes that I took while working on this project were refined in to keywords that I used as a starting point.  All having different and diverging connotations I used them carefully as a guide  to create an identity.

Woman, strength, well-being and finance.

Green represents money but more importantly nature and growth. It might be stretching it but a connection to natural world is a valid association. Ribbon is fluidity and possibility of new forms while showing simple curves make complex shapes. In all of this a sense of finesse and sophistication between rigid architectural features of the typeface.

Internet Presence
Mykas website main focus is articles. I kept the website as clean and simple as possible. Information takes precedent over aesthetics without the need to neglect either.  First row of articles are in colour while the bottom are desaturated until mouse over event. I also decided to add a small blurb to summarise the business with the option to read more and social media links for networking.


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