Dose Interactive

Brand Development

Dose is an entertainment software and technology company founded January 16, 2012. In addition to unique casual gaming intellectual property Dose focuses on using art, design and code to create quality software for mobile platforms.

Dose identity was challenging to design. A seemingly simple idea the reasoning behind the name was commodification of what is perceived as entertainment in modern westernised culture. This being primarily but not limited to games, story telling and animation. Virtual worlds have wide ranging set of positive qualities for human development. Dose is a representation for these ideals.

Mind mapping was used to start generating ideas. In one of initial brainstorming session the idea of the pill emerged. Elaborating on this idea, a construct was developed of what the pill can represent.
This was inspired by Slavoj Zizek writing on ideology inadvertently. Typography was used in conceptualising and idea generation. Most notably letter D (Dose) and letter I (Interactive).

Third Choice

Games exist in virtual worlds. Like The Matrix but with a choice to participate. Red pill to participate and blue pill to terminate simulation. Dose is a third choice. Half pill that lets you stay in the simulation while being able to see the ideology of the machine. We know why the simulation needs us but why do we need the simulation? This profound though was conjured up by Zizek.This is the full circle I needed to develop Dose to a satisfactory level.

Internet Identity
Dose website was created to show off creative and technical capabilities of the team. My personal preference was to deliver on the interactive aspect of the business, hence the stage and characters. Using HTML 5 technology canvas and 3d.js the main stage will be functional and let visitors interact with the website directly.

Sparky Model was designed by Mathew Beeke. James modeled and texture by Steve Koutsouliotas.


  • Brand Development
  • Identity/Logo
  • Website
  • Business Cards
  • Promotional Items
  • Marketing Materials